How to select the perfect headwear:

First things first. Find your dream dress, then meet your hair stylist to decide on your hairstyle as it will influence your accessory and jewellery choice. 

For example:

- Headbands, the queen of all hair accessories can be worn with hair down, half up or all up. If you're not keen on the metal band that holds the embellishment, it can be wrapped with a ribbon that matches your hair colour. There are side headbands and Alice bands which create a similar effect to tiaras without the height. 

Wedding side headbands

- Hair combs: the most versatile of hair accessories, and perfect for brides who want to show of their jewellery rather than the hair accessory. A finely detailed floral crystal hair comb at the back of the head, lodged into the side of a bun, will complement a lacy dress perfectly, and won't compete with the jewellery. It can also be lodged on top of the comb that holds the veil in place. 

- Tiaras are usually associated with a princess look and can be worn with most hair styles. Facial features are very important when choosing the right tiara. 

A tiara with too much height or too peaky will elongate someone's face. 

wedding Tiaras Olivier Laudus

- Hair pins / hair vines: versatile and perfect for an understatement. They are usually positioned at the back of the head inside or around a chignon or Grecian style plait. Hair vines can be worn just like an Alice band for a Boho look, with the added benefit that it is flexible. You can also wrap it around a bun. 

Bridal Hairpins Olivier Laudus

What considerations should be taken into account when making a final choice?

- Always keep in mind that your hair accessories should complement the dress and not the other way round. 

- The simpler the dress, the bolder the accessories should be. 

- Keep the style of your accessories in line with the era of your dress. For example: a crown of flowers, hair vine or forehead headband will suit a boho dress perfectly. 

- A mixture of pearl and small diamante is a perfect match to lace.